1. First Impressions

It has been said that people buy with their eyes. From the moment a potential buyer turns into your neighborhood they are scanning -every house, shrub, lawn decoration and crack on the road. Before a buyer turns into your driveway 90% of them have decided whether they are interested in your house or not. Buying a home is almost always fueled by feelings and emotions. A good first impression is the most important thing you can give to a potential buyer. Your neighbors play an important role when it comes to your house value, buyers interest, sales price and days on market. 

2. Safety

One of the most important questions on every buyers mind is whether or not the home, and surrounding homes, make them feel safe. Is it a good area. Is this a street I can walk  in the dark at night with my dog. “Can my children feel safe in this yard?” 

3. Noise

It is rare that a buyer does not notice a barking dog, a busy road, or a flight path above them. No one likes the idea of being constantly interrupted by noise they cannot control. How much of a disturbance will this be to my lifestyle? One might ask. Especially in today’s growing trend of working from home, a quiet environment is key. One remedy to a noisy street is a well insulated house. This can save an otherwise lost sale for home owners. 

4. Privacy

No matter who you are or where you are from. Chances are, you love privacy and so does your buyer. Ask the question – how many other homes look into my backyard? Do I feel like I’m on display? Is every window looking into a neighbors window? Somethings you cannot change once the house is built but strategic trees, shrubs and bushes along with fencing and tasteful window dressings can provide a sense of privacy. Just avoid having all of the curtains drawn or blinds closed. Natural light is an important quality most home buyers seek.

5. Your Neighbors

You know the saying ‘one man’s junk is another mans treasure’. The saying holds true for Real Estate. Most lawn ‘treasures’ are typically viewed as junk through the eyes of a buyer. If you (or your neighbor) have excessive anything (cars in various states of repair, clutter, tires, even excessive lawn ornaments or wind chimes) all are affections of personal taste. When selling, choose to go with popular opinion over your own opinion. And if it is in your neighbors yard, there is little you can do (for them) but a lot you can do for you! Create something that pulls the eye back to your house. Bright colored flowers embracing gardens or walkways, a door wreath, a manicured yard, a fence between you and the neighbors. A buyer has to fall in love with your house big time in order to not mind your neighbors metal collection (and I don’t mean music). 

When in doubt? Trust in this. You cannot control your neighbor or neighborhood (unless you have an HOA),  but you can control your listing. Create the stage, master the first impression and price appropriately. Your house might be the most beautiful, well cared for gem out there, but facts are facts. Your neighbor WILL affect your bottom line. Invest wisely and work with a professional when it comes time to buying or selling – your next home!

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