If you can find your spouse online, you can find your house online! I’m sure you have seen a meme or two that has made you smile, but also might have you wondering how to navigate home Buying or Selling during this pandemic. Great news! You are not alone, I’ve got you covered. It may come as a surprise to some, but in my business I have had several clients purchase homes based on virtual walk-throughs, photos, or FaceTime video calls in the past. All of whom continue to love and adore their homes today. Below is my guide to help you feel comfortable with moving forward with your Real Estate needs during this time. 

If you would like even further social distancing, we are working on a few more items in our industry to help you. The Title and Escrow company I work with frequently is preparing a portal to e-sign the closing documents to eliminate the mobile notary coming to your home. And the keys? They can easily be sanitized and sent in the mail. The most important element is to find you the house of your dreams, while keeping you and your family safe (in the best possible way that we can). Give me a call today! 615-707-0597

Naomi Bannister

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