“Naomi Bannister has been excellent to work with.  Over the years I have worked with many realtors in different areas of the country but Naomi has been the best so far. She has two outstanding qualities: 

 1)  Her communication skills are superb.  She kept us informed about any developments, any changes, any challenges the moment they happened so that we were never left in the dark on what we had to deal with in the purchase process.  She also kept on track with any deadlines we had and reminded us when decisions had to be made.  She was always available to talk to whenever we had a question and always got right back with me whenever there was an answer to be found out. 
 2)  Her “get-it-done” attitude is awesome.  Whenever there was a problem to tackle, she was not afraid of contacting the right agencies and persons to get answers and solve the problems.  She took on this purchase process like it was her own and I knew that Naomi was on our side 150% percent.  It was like she was purchasing this property for herself and wanted to get to the bottom of any problems that were out there.

 I wish I could use Naomi with all our purchases around the country as I would know I have a reliable person working by my side.  I would trust Naomi with any purchase/ or sale of my property personally without a doubt in my mind.


— Silke Hubbard , Client